Terms and Conditions

Weight limits

Dumpster maximum dump weight is two tons. If for some reason we are over, a small fee will be applied to your bill.

Hazardous Materials

Tires, batteries, asbestos, paints, lacquers, oils, infectious waste, contaminated soil, fuels, resins, explosives and medical equipment are just some of the things we can't dump. Let us know what you're planning to throw away and we'll check the regulations for you.

Scheduling and Permits

Some municipalities or areas require a permit for roll-off dumpsters. This is the responsibility of the client. Barring any special circumstances, your dumpster will be delivered by 8AM at the start of the business day of your rental and will be picked up after 5PM on the final day of your rental. Try to schedule your rental in advance. We will be adding more dumpsters to our fleet, so get scheduled today! 


 Rolloff America is not responsible for damage to property or driveways that may occur during normal service operations.